Monday, November 7, 2016

Rob Schackne #146, Mousai #10 - Thaleia


Thaleia − the banana, the truncated bed
Sure, we laughed until we almost died
But comedy will never taste the same
Recovering the beef steak from the dog
The in-laws in stitches in the kitchen
Bringing it solemnly to the new husband

You say that art isn’t the same but equal to
Arguing a sense of parallel punditry
In the myriad ways the mighty always fall
The ways the impoverished and misinformed
Always fall sooner rather than later
No one bothering to go to and help

Curious we see the tragedy out of you
See the funny side of dread and fear
A wreath, a staff – you could be the snake
That reconnects, confound it here, and there
The calls of distrust by the phones of hope
Jammed lines, people laughing on desperate trains

No tragedy is big enough we won’t repeat
And for that we thank you for light relief
Our dull moments shoved aside for a minute
The shriek of the braking, the oooh of the minions
Your most considerate hour, saying it’s too much
Hoping no one ever laughs again at love.

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