Sunday, November 6, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #310 the sacking of the Muses

the Muses  have escaped
all nine of them
in a mathematical
and artistic frenzy

they have been sacked
their role in the pantheon
sold up for some new
real estate venture

the Muses are downcast
what a Muse to do
to amuse herself
in these penny pinching days

how can a poet expect
to have her work
taken seriously when
she can't profit from it

the Muses are unemployed
on the dole living
on the smell of an oily rag
their hearts raging


  1. but somehow that muse-oil manages to remain especially fragrant no matter how little there is to go with it

  2. I love this and hope you continue to develop it. Which one's going to be an activist? Which one's goin to audition for reality tv?

  3. I love it, Sue. (I first read it as 'real estate vultures', and imagined the girls all taking aim!)

  4. Yes, I think it has potential for some more work. I like the vultures.

  5. Can smell that oily rag from here! :-)


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