Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Susan Hawthorne # 319 Muses undercover

speaking otherwise
reading slant knowing
the view from below
even sideways is useful

when you go undercover
best disguise is normality
be a daddy's girl if need be
then you can unwork
the system as Valerie said

we are in every workplace
in the spaces of family trees
some without issue others
bedded even more deeply

when you go undercover
don't forget who you are
we want you back after
the crisis is over remember
you are no slave to them


  1. I'm loving the way you're working this (under)ground

  2. I really enjoyed this powerful and subversive drama... thank you Susan.

  3. I'm really captured by the idea of them in the 'spaces of family trees' - such a beautiful image and so true. Loving this series.


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