Saturday, November 12, 2016

Timothy Edmond # 12

He woke up not knowing
who he was or what
day of the week it was.

He was Wednesday and
yesterday he was Thursday.

He was killed by a car reversing
the wrong way backwards
down a one way street.

At his funeral he said,
"As I said at my funeral,
you're all dead."

Wednesday when he
was Friday feed the cat
to the cat food.

He could never remember
how old he was
when he was born.

He never liked smoking
cigarettes so he always
got someone else to do
it for him.

Wednesday was always being
mistaken for another
day of the week.

And when he ordered
a short black
he was always given
a liminal time shift

And when he looked
in the mirror he
was Veronica Lake
and Alan Ladd.

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  1. Haha I like your humour / something like of what you mention happens to me - thanks for the reassurance Timothy


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