Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Timothy Edmond #2

Conversation Class

I went to a conversation class
but it turned out to be
the conservative class.
I didn’t realise it
at first but they
soon let me know.

And they intimated
to me that they
want everything back.

The best one
is when you
have 15 minutes
before your bus so you
nick into the Pub,
handily there, get
a schooner, light a
smoke and bang
a 50 into a poker machine
smoke a second smoke
finish the beer
pull a hundred out
of the machine
have a piss so you don’t
get caught short on
the bus, buy a
packet of chips to
eat on the bus
and step on the bus
that’s running 3
minutes late.
Sit on the bus swigging
from a bottle of red wine.
Use the bus as my office.

Funny dancing ladies
Thank you Angharad,
bit on the finger
by a sliding boom arm
but by Monday my finger
will be fighting fit to
find the perfect spot to
cross the lines of action.
Saw first 30 minutes of
Operation Petticoat tonight
while waiting to go into
Tony Curtis one of
my favourite actors and Cary
 Grant one of my favourite
actors in an “odd ball”
WWII comedy – one of my
favourite places in time.
     I grew up watching
WWII films.
    It was a close thing
but we beat them we
spent years making
films about it.
    There was the war
and then the ghost war
represented on film.
Heroes that never served.
Midway was just luck.
Hitler was destroyed by the
Soviet machine.
Dancing with death.
Now the money classes
wants it all back.
They will have private
armies protecting themselves
against the world
    then launch into
    They make money
out of chaos.
    And want society
to protect them.
    We the people.
We the shirtless.
They drive on our roads.
They make money out of
our stomachs
    They felch the shavings from our coins.
No. We own it all
and they only pretend they
have a right to it.

They presume to trade
on our corpses. They have
no right except what
the people condescend to
    They are no one.
We will take away
their privilege to
trade and learn to
deal with honest


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