Thursday, December 12, 2019

Kit Kelen #1441 - knock knock

knock knock
(a series of home invasions)
for ataraxia

a fire comes up to our door
knocks and waits
fire’s so polite
can entertain itself

there’d been a card from Smoke
so we’d been kind of expecting

‘I’m just getting dressed’
some excuse
‘have to answer the phone
pack a few things’

a quiet burn around the garden
‘please just only the weeds’
we’re worried fire might be casing the joint

sun keeps a fierce eye
it’s an all consuming passion, theft

still waiting for us
after all this time
you have to hand it to fire

all spirits up
gets you pumping

a new idea always blows my mind
and these must be the good old days

night falls
‘hello, old friend’

the flood laps up to the stoop
lovely cool, if hard to remember
was cloud, was rain
asks simply
‘would I like some more’
I show it the tanks round the back

you see it’s come one come all

the light first thing
then it’s day
fresh faced voyeur
prises back curtains

it’s all the time now
one thing and another

‘show us your licence’

let radio, tv, internet in
quite a crowd these days
the power on long thin wires still

big wind
huff and puff
unnatural cycles

here’s the priest
‘any kiddies at home?’

the plague comes
oh that’s ages as well
could be measles, mumps

next door wants a loan of some sugar
odd accusations
and no, ‘we don’t have a gun,
keep snakes’

‘who’s in charge of this burning bush?’
the Council Inspector –
‘whose work is this?
and when and why?

can’t get away with anything these days

Ali Baba’s girlfriend marks the doors
someone’s losing their head

now here’s an angel for annunciation

a stork left sundry bubs
how quickly they grow up these days!

and the fire comes back
maybe selling insurance
no, I think it must be encyclopaedias
(so much Aardvark to attitude)

time marches on

the State in so many forms
‘settle down
be silent, still’

now they come for the dissidents
the tax mob have been
cleaned us out already
here are the big boot troopers
steel capped
drag us out by our prayers

the banks!
poker machines all along the driveway
neighbours can thank us later

Heimlich Unheimlich
they’re our solicitors
come to discuss the will

and paparazzi! I wondered when…
they have discovered greatness at last
now the roast on a spit!

today we’re not blaming anyone
Jehovah witnesses this

wanted to pop out
harvest some herbs
bring in a pumpkin, fruit

crows have torn down the screens again
Fire’s waiting in the wings

more of an insistent rub
you couldn’t call it a knock
faraway, patient in the queue
‘and take your time’, Death says
‘just looking in
thought I’d drop by
I wanted a quiet word’

stiff upper lip
what can one do?
I wouldn’t call it a policy
but we keep an open door

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