Saturday, December 7, 2019

Kristen de Kline #250 Random stuff on a Saturday night

The sky scratched away at the
sun, wispy clouds flock on top of

the new apartments like another storey
and the crows congregate in

the dusk at Lakeside, it's all blue
when you lie in the tall grassses

whatever happened to the light

by the river-bank and look up
up at the neon sky, flax cuts your hand

blood leaks, in a dream you say,
there were jet planes crashing into

have you ever loved a woman

towering infernos, a man with half crazy
eyes, runs away, gripping his chainsaw

- screeching -

don’t drop that bomb on me

the vinyl's scarred, now it’s
the fifth track that jumps

I can’t hear a word you say
it wasn't blue anymore

I drew a line for you
it was all yellow

listen to that


  1. Random stuff on a Saturday night? This is the finals. I love it! :)

  2. Thanks Rob - it needs serious editing down. I'll get there :)


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