Sunday, October 16, 2016

Béatrice Machet # 261 Temptation-26


Tentation de couler. On dit à pic. Elan de la plongée. Sensation de chute. Y a-t-il un fond et peut-on s’y accrocher. Calme n’est pas serein. Chute calme. Sérénité crispée. C’est dans le poème. Qui découle de la vie. Qui coule dans la vie. Hennissante bête hurleuse.  Au bout du rouleau de sa longe. 

Temptation of sinking. Like a stone. A diving surge. A feeling of falling down. Is there a bottom and is it possible to grasp it. Calm is not serene. Calm fall. Tense serenity. It’s in the poem. Which results from life. Which flows into life. Whinny neighing beast. Being at the end of its tether.

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  1. Great, Béatrice.

    Temptations of the stone,
    forget the mind's play,
    down the abyss.


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