Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bronwyn Rodden #18 - Journey to Ink

Kanga Visitor – View from my studio

But I too have an impact on nature. I am blown away by the wildlife in our area, on the Mid North Coast of NSW. When I see kangaroos just outside my window I just have to drop everything and watch them. This photo was just after we moved in, the house was four years old but the vegetation was still sparse. I can see that the ag pipe is about to be installed and the cover is off some bark chips – all changes in this animal’s habitat. 

We have been developing a wildlife friendly garden, spreading kangaroo grass to make up for other parts of the garden that aren’t so tasty, so they still visit us regularly.


And there are times when I see something in nature and think this is better than any art I can make, let’s just take a photo. The light in the early morning is so beautiful, it picks out even the detail of the grains of sand. 


  1. yes, stunning light and colour in your sand shot. Just beautiful.

  2. The shark
    has gazed for years
    at the sea wrack


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