Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bronwyn Rodden #9 Journey to Ink

Bellinger Blue -  Oil, mixed media on canvas 75cm x 90cm 2012

On calm days the river is mesmerising and deep blue, winding invitingly past, urging you to come for a swim. A friend gave me some oil paints and I played with them for a while, using their viscosity to give the sleekness of the river on a lazy summer day. Reminds me of an early poem:

River Swim

Push through warm 
golden glass water
pull pull
arms curve out
stir ripples
a cormorant lands
watches, dives
gains a fish
from my world
lifts to the air
pull pull

breathe breathe
carmine dragonfly
before my hippo-eyes
I’m a water snake
I’m a turtle
the midday bush
sings with insects
thut, thut
paddles ease past
smooth-muscled Peppermints
yellow-green leaves
fall to a mirror -
the sky.


  1. you are back! and how were the birds? Love this double-jointed river.

    1. Birds were wonderful. How to capture that... thanks for comment!


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