Sunday, October 9, 2016

Efi Hatzimanolis #221 rock hugging lizard (after Dylan Jones's 'Botanical Dragon')

The bright air in its cold morning bones. 
Everything hot, but its heart, a heat sink.
A touch like relief from the rocks,
untroubled by the sun’s beating.
Nothing glitters like its quartz flecked skin.


  1. The shift from cold bone to heat sink, touch like relief to solid rock,sense of zen to sun beat is very effective. 'Quartz flecked' is perfect. I'm thinking of the occasional current sightings of lizards in a sadder state after hibernation and how they will soon recover their stateliness.

  2. Thank you so much, Lizz. I love your comment - the zen bit hadn't occurred to me!

  3. Thanks Efi! A beautiful poem. It really captures that lizard. it was the first warm dry day we had had in Canberra for a week. This dragon was really soaking it up.


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