Monday, October 3, 2016

Janette Hoppe #52 Living Colour

they say black is not a colour
yet at times I am only defined
by the colour of my skin

they say black is the new orange
when they paint me in
prison fatigues
and the black bars that box me in

I am as caged
as a bird that doesn't sing
no light to reflect
my predominant hue
you could consider me dull
characterised and defined
in the dictionary
with more negative stereotypes
than one can swallow
with a gaping mouth

I read the definition of black
in the dictionary today
and I was made aware once again
of a future that awaits

a wise man once said
man should not be defined
by the colour of his skin
but Brother Man can't change
a heart that can't love in colour
and a heart that can only see
black in a negative spin

so tell me
what do you think
when you hear the word 'black'?
are you filled with anger
or darkness of the things that I lack?
or are you afraid
that I'll live up to the stereotype
and go on the attack?
or can you see through my colour
and judge me
by the content of my character
and not the colour of my skin?
would you try and change
the definition of what the word 'black'
chains me in

they say black is not a colour
but sometimes -
sometimes I am only defined
by the colour of my skin.


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