Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Jeltje Fanoy #66 in the middle of a film *

you wouldn't think in a film about some guy applying for a job, and it was a job far
away from home, in Melbourne, and he was living in Italy, actually, it was a love
story, the fantasy of a young woman of Italian descent going back and finding love,
sort of, with the said protagonist, it was very complicated, I suddenly saw my mother,
how she was in the last years of her life,
and me, with the same expression, the same way of holding my shoulders
so stiffly, and, probably, from the Danish side of the family, so
unbelievably stubborn, fixated on things, well, there was talk of the guy's mother,
having passed on, earlier, while he was overseas, his greatest tragedy,
which was lovely, I guess, loving your mother so much, and missing her,
but it has been years now, since Mum died, so why did I see her, so clearly,
in me, and myself in her, perhaps the father of the guy, so unlike my own father,
not so needy, in fact, he told his son to bugger off,
not worry about him,
or his high blood pressure,
he'd cope very well, thank you,
by himself, leaving room, for
everyone else

* The space between, 2016,
an Australian-Italian production


  1. how imagination roaming loose can snag memory

  2. Leaving room for everyone else - psychic, physical, emotional, psychological - is one consideration that has almost passed into extinction today, I believe. But this is a very wonderful reflection. What a moment for you!

  3. thank you chelate, Bob, it stayed with me for quite a while, still not quite sure what triggered it


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