Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 113 Long Game

Long game

There you are 
cans aslung    the car white 
beside the kerb

and me like me
never anticipating
meeting these
characters from books

the world runs up to meet me

sometimes     takes my face
facetime  makes time

what ever happened to
the world I thought I
knew the place where
I belonged     I make

space to plant the next row
of chard and
think     that small thought
over  eggshells tea leaves
banana peel all fertilise

what grows what heals
the trick of keeping going when you cannot
  think matches to
the other trick the trick

 never looking


  1. Beautiful, Kerri. The formatting too, the small pauses within.

  2. This one is a big and long story, the/a trick indeed....(:-) thank you Kerri.


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