Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 99 Sweet Breads

Sweet Breads

The big migraine pinned me
like the wind pins you down
in some strange hotel
or kids stop you going

my young neighbour
between cars trapped
gave birth at home
on Christmas Day
silent beyond
what I could imagine

from my memory
of an eleven pounder

and it got me thinking
of the other child
the boy
running then pinned
that birth

his sister
sliding into light
breathing up the spaces
he left vacant
arriving to be suddenly

in her claim upon the earth
the breast
the milk of what had
been just one moment
there before
his only - mother

in the driveway  is his Dad
his friend-  they swap out
the engine
from the scrap car to the
new car and I watch them
as they handle and degrease

admire the surety
the belief  in
 all that

I see fear
can be erased with one big blow

huff and you puff
and you blow the house in

the strange logic of  our bodies
the kiss of this imprisonment
inside us just as much as
on the drive
in the bed
made by having

beguiles as much as baffles

it’s the beauty


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