Monday, October 10, 2016

Kit Kelen - #234 - I live in a clock

I live in a clock

in a clockless dark
how weak the will
the needing noticed
nothing else
the words have had their shine away
music won't make sense

all the day is washed

that would be with no planet at all
no sun to turn
no tune of moon

but the fact is
I live in a clock
(better and worse)
two months since chocolate
two weeks beyond beer
and spirits and wine

everything keeps time
as I do
everything measures up

I can see no other function
for this spread
of all worlds
in every direction

we are simply
so far from beginning
so much closer to an end

the discovery of quartz
was a hint of what's more fundamental
all matter pulses with time

invisible, as with most motion

why does a waistcoat have two pockets?
one's for the sun-dial
so's to set
what always will need setting

we wind ourselves up
with every little thing
every tick is a note nudged on
by rhythm, that's time
it's music that the heart lets out

yes clock is something savage to say
I simply witness the hands
the passing
my own meek imitation
of the universal paw and stroke

first fear
is of the clockless dark

no sun to turn
no tune of moon

there aren't the hours in a day 


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