Monday, October 3, 2016

Kit Kelen #277 - one hungers

one hungers

and seen in a certain light
all of the others are food
nor need you look very far

I love it when Alice says
let's pretend I'm a hungry hyena
and nurse gets to be a bone

though beggars won't be choosers
you get a grip with tooth or claw
it's not only in the mirror

there are eyes looking back
yourself – you'd make a tasty morsel
is cooked really better than raw

for tiger, lion, lizard of size?
anachronistically you'd be
dinosaur snack package

terrible table manners these ones have had
but ants will look after the bone
in hunger no one is ever alone

begin to rend then
can you feel it? salivary!
something like a dance

these worm turns, when you've breathed your last
of course you might prefer a fast
but you've been a long way in the guts already

through the lungs, air's much the same
your consummation of a passion
we'll call all devouring 



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