Friday, October 14, 2016

Kit Kelen #288 - parallel


the world 's that weren't
are elsewhere, sure

the worlds that
could have been

you'll never see them
but you know

that's where the accident
never happened

it's where the thing
was cured

where I was king
or never born

the ones who are gone
we might observe there

carrying on, with others
uncannily like us

or not, they'd recognize us
or they wouldn't

a camera would catch them
just as real, just as alive

in every nuanced variation
alike with those we know

neither are they replicas
(doubtless they've their own clones)

but each themselves unique as we
mere products of infinity

or some close approximation
products of eternity likewise

uniqueness, also near enough
has as broad a brush

one can't be sure who thought this up
or if that was required

and although no one you know
is likely ever to see such wonders

nevertheless, none of it's illusion
unless we are ourselves

that's what I believe
and take no comfort there


  1. Didn't the Nobel Physics winners suggest we may all be imaginary? I don't feel imaginary, nor does this poem...

  2. just don't wake up the Red King
    or we'll all go out like a candle


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