Monday, October 17, 2016

Kit Kelen #291 - at fado

at fado
among the old cannons with Chrys
sultry October night at Monte Fort in Macao

I write these word in the dark
in the conversation of the chords
the strings, the words found in the heart

it is a desperate kind of respect
this fado
it is our hanging by a thread
in the storm
and yes there is a moon
a bottle for comfort perhaps

in those days
when the sky was simply up
then there was always the sea
how we are here now

the sea is a cruel truth
one must sing through the storm
sing louder than life
sing just to be

and so we touch
the moon
eyes fixed
where it breaks through
the storm's dark

the one who would have drowned
was saved
saved by the firm hand held
by that voice in the storm

that's how I was found
how I was hauled to safety
but the others?

so you see
we sing for those who've gone under

someone saved me
so I sing this now

that the hope in the storm
must remain

it's like this
with my writing in moonlight

it's only wishes I write down

I wish for a world of respect
and not power

for the truth of your voice
that you'll truly hear mine

respect is a desperate need
for yours truly

to give
to receive

the truth
in the heart
in the voice
like a hand held out
to save the one drowning

never too late
say it
never too late

say it
and it is so

in poetry
in music
in all the art
between us

my medicine
my poison too

in the storm
your hand
I take it

take all the heart offers
all that will save me

art my raft
to which life clings

dear art
dear heart
dear life 


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