Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kit Kelen #292 - time


until we cut it down to size
it had a mountain
and a river went
stars were there for keeps

lands and distance
you couldn't say whose word

it was time
that measured us

we were staring
into space a lot

there weren't any weeds to grow
we went picking
lay down
full tum

and then we'd howl
get excited

immensity was all around
we never had a word

and now we do
we keep indoors

truth has the paws of death all over
in silence – the between of worlds

all the past
till here we go

dreams teach the dark
a thing or

let us not go down
for the count

look out
look up

pants down
for the arrow
a song in itself

night falls
there's getting up again
and if not me
the others 


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