Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kit Kelen #293 - hands


hands are for day's weight
all the eye directs

they sign and speak
they steer the brush
and drag the pen
they weave
they till and set and trim

hands beg
and brought together
and hands implore

most meaning hands are
full of whim

and one of yours
with one of theirs
hands shake
that's conversation

there's wringing hands
and its hands
wring necks
and much urbanity besides

sometimes there's flamboyant gesture
for which the way is widened

one hander
there's the slap
with/without gauntlet, glove

and solo pleasures
are this way

the hand of God
comes from above

it only takes one hand
to pay
to sign
to wave away

hands do things
make fists
hammer a table

and you can pick
with fingertip
at nose, at scab, guitar
hands hold up the world
and tug
and shake
take turns

they take the wheel
it's feet say go and stop
but it's hands direct the car

it's hands give you the thumbs up
it's hands give you the finger
come hither gestures
keep your place
your lips sealed

hands load the weapon
hands take aim
I think it must be hands
sink ships

that policeman's paw
says you must yield

no wonder hands are considered handy

hand over hand till the top of the tree
hands open and release
will hands themselves
ever be set free?

hands gone to ground
will still be bones

form will follow function
you can imagine them
yet holding

like the image in mind 


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