Monday, October 24, 2016

Kit Kelen #298 - why is it one tries to retrieve a beginning?

why is it one tries to retrieve a beginning?

it's like seeing back
over the horizon
to where we're from
to where the world was
before the turning

as if then
everything was understood

here's how I remember

it's past dusk
flat with a window onto the harbour

I had set sail in the bath of toys
so many days the far shore

in a nautical sort of house like a light
grey bay lapping crooked wharf
brought to berth by nightfall

the blue is black now
the tide's abob

there's a pocket full of strange coins
I remember
what it was I can't recall

I knew the green of the water
close up

that conversation
over my head

not a word I can't make out 



  1. I admire the way this poems moves about on the waters.

  2. the trick is keeping the poem's head above water

  3. I keep thinking of Eliot's 'mixing memory and desire' ...

  4. David - are you saying that dull roots can be stirring ... somehow?

    and yes, the first ones now will later be last and so on and so forth


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