Friday, October 21, 2016

Kristen de Kline #15 - Waking up in a hotel

Waking up in a hotel

... waking up in a hotel Kings Cross Times Square upper Queen Street waking up in a cheap hotel hearing Marianne Faithful on a crackly speaker saying something about a machine gun in a suitcase a pistol in a bag throwing back a shot a minute tossing back your hair waking up in a cheap sleazy hotel (why are they always flea pits) leaning over in bed stubbing out a Winfield Blue reaching for the KY tube trying to find out where you left the Tally Ho's listening to the theme song from Prisoner cursing the the neighbours who can't work the Volume control: "she used to bring you roses/ you wish she would again"...

... waking up in a hotel remembering the line you saved for the morning pick-me-up counting the dollar bills shonkily hidden in the under sole of your shoe looking out the window, a sarong carelessly tacked on as a substitute curtain, reading out the lit up words in the street below: LOVERS IN HEAT staring up at the ceiling trying not to think about the dangling fan with a missing blade fall-fall-falling from the sky ...

... waking up in a hotel - go ahead, admit it - it really is a cheap sleazy flea-pit - hearing a voice (is it the neighbour on the other side of the Prisoner cell?) saying: there's a cockroach in the fry pan ... Ooooohhhh ... It's got caught in the kitchen strainer ... Oooooohhhh ... Now it's floating on the top of the water with the food scraps ... Ooooohhhh .... I hope it doesn't crawl out of the bin.
Then another voice. It's OK, he says, I've mauled it with the knife. It's OK I've dealt with it...

...  waking up in a hotel in Kings Cross Times Square upper Queen St a shotgun shack another part of the world  another part of town asking yourself how did I get here where is my beautiful house where is my beautiful wife what did I take how much did I make where's the Tally Ho's Winnie Blue's beautiful house beautiful wife large automobile asking yourself where's my stash my cash asking yourself how did I get here ...


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  2. Wonderful...

    Shades of Bukowski which is only
    meant in the best possible way
    been there once or twice for real
    but lots more in my imagination
    seem to remember I am the cockroach

    1. Yes Rob I am a Bukowski fan - cockroaches seem to pop up a lot in my poems (& life!) - shades of Kafka too!


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