Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kristen de Kline #5 In Transit

As the morning sun touched lightly on and the room went spinning by, you ordered a triple shot, no sugar, and a chocolate croissant, gently heated. You paid in cash. You topped up your MyKi pass touched on touched off. You walked out of the white suburban bedroom you walked out of the white suburban town. 

The Man in the Brando Blue Sharkskin suit in the train leaned in your direction and whispered, insistently:
Three people resigned today. Three of them. In one hit. 
A slave. That's exactly what I need.  A slave. 

   Ping. Text from Good Buddy: Naughty girls   rock no matter what. 

   Ping: Text from Good Buddy: Ta for the postcard of the wooden handcuffs. They could come in handy  some   
   time lol. 
Ping. Another Text from Good Buddy: 
My texts last night were shit. I was drunk.

Life can be risky, somebody said. You couldn't see who was talking texting touching lightly spinning by. You couldn't see a bloody thing. 

Random shopping list on loose leafed paper, squeeeeeeezed into your wallet: 
Brush for washing dishes condoms disposable razor glow in the dark lube tweezers more tissues. 

Random line in The Notebook:
I have no idea what the fuck is happening. I don't even know where I'm going. 
Am I riding along through Paris? Is the warm wind in my hair? 

Ping. Another text from Good Buddy:
Care to elaborate about the roller coaster?

More random lines in The Notebook: 
The police don't know where the fuck I am.
I still have no idea where i'm going.
I don't know if I'm climbing on the rooftop 
I don't know if your laughter's growing too loud. 
I don't know if you're touching me too lightly I don't know if you're touching me too hard.
    I don't know if you let the phone keep ringing
    I don't know if you sat there softly singing
    Is the sun lighting up the daylight is the moon lighting up the night. 
    Are you touching me too lightly are you touching me too hard are you lighting up the daylight or lighting up the


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