Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kristen de Kline #8 Preston 3072 : Hey Courtney Preston ain't so bad.

Preston 3072. Grids of streets with no names HP Zwar Park nature reserve where dogs and cats zig-zag off leash cafes built out of Red Beans, Brown Bears and Honeysuckle groovy 50s retro bungalows housing collections of canisters for coffee tea and flour a hipster barista at the Old Fire Station Cafe Gallery who brings you a triple shot with a delicately etched love heart threaded through the top surface of the froth. Preston 3072. 

On Main Street they keep offering you halal meat beef chicken ribs Vietnamese noodle soups and $6 VB schooners for a limited period only. On Main Street you listen to a pierced girl with streaky violet hair at the next table saying: She's a skank, I hate doing doubles with her. 

Preston 3072. How's that for first impressions this place seems depressing you look around for a policeman arresting a man with his hand in a bag how's that for first impressions but there's no cop no man no hand in a bag how's that for first impressions. Preston 3072. 

You're starting to think Courtney was telling lies you're starting to think Courtney was making it up you're starting to think Courtney was writing driving walking down another cul-de-sac another grid of streets another 'burb another town. You're starting to wish it was you with your hand in the bag you're starting to wish it was you doing doubles with the skank you're starting to wish it was you zig-zagging off leash. The bag the skank the zig-zagging the leash. You're starting to wish it was you. 


  1. Great poem, Sarah. Brings back lots of memories. Small apartment in Ivanhoe in the early 80's. I was the evening Casualty A&E Centre supervisor at the Austin in Heidelberg. Registering patients, I must have written 'Preston 3072' thousands of times...

  2. Hi Rob, thanks this is Kristen de Kline - I am just posting for her as she is having some tech difficulties. :)

  3. Apologies, Kristen. I need a hipster barista. Still a great poem! :)

  4. Thanks fellow poets - love the way you enjoy the gritty pacey energy of Preston conveyed in the poem. Appreciate your feedback :)


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