Monday, October 3, 2016

Lucy Alexander #33 - Lichen 2 or Thirteen Fingerprints

The thirteenth day
is so greenish
holds out a tiny frog paw
up for light
to clasp itself
to itself again
become a friend
to the bearded and
the richly furnished with hair
curving with splendid
follicular patterning
made of air.

A structure that
evolved itself from friendship
to blend with a fourth
a quiptych of growing
one cell form pattern
just as conversations
branch and dust themselves with light
hold out their hands
for the touch of warmth
the blend of
one to another.

This hand is so small
even the rain could hold it
spilling its fingers
across the space
it has invented itself
for this handshake
diminutive and native
with wrist thumb

and thirteen finger prints.


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