Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lucy Alexander #43 Nightfall (after E.H.) (lightthenightcanberra)

He presses it near his chin
the shadow strokes his cheek
and all around him
they cry against the night
and bring lanterns out of hiding
to warble into evening
chorus to the moon.

He brings the shadows all around him
lanterns stroke his evening
and spill moon into the hiding
night to warble chorus
all around the press of moon
brings out the cries
against the shadows.

He cries against the lantern
a shadow of the moon’s
chorus – that wail in the night
and spills sound against his chin
all hiding strokes of evening
the pale press of all around him
evening’s warbled song.


  1. I love this - reading your writing as a moving process of and in nature itself.


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