Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lucy Alexander #56 Ram's Horn Water Snail

Was it slow enough
to catch your extended eye?
Microscopic; lensed by water,
glistening, trembling,
the flow quavers this mollusk curl
the filmy leaves
home to a hundred
balancing on the opaque edge
tenacious suck piled high
making vegetation
into snail form.

The naked eyed will miss you
in the water’s duo dream
your focus is your strength
hermaphrodite repeating yourself
slowly, slowly with reedy turning of your shell
footling on the salad of the world
growing horns
you will take up space,
outwit the bird’s bright eye

slide onwards on the future’s ribbon.

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  1. stunning imagery, Lucy. esp. "footling on the salad..." which sounds Shakespearian!


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