Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #280 Osteo

Remember when we let your bones show
on the last day?
when really you were skinned open all that year
where everything connective was stretched beyond rebounding
where we forgot to insert the cartilage
rubbery bits of nothing that nevertheless
might have prevented
the grinding of your every uncushioned step


  1. I feel the power
    of the sadness
    of this poem, beyond
    the physical descriptors
    and even beyond the osteo.

  2. Thanks Rob. My daughter fell apart in her last year of school. Looking at photos of her final day dress up where I helped her make a Corpse Bride costume reminded me how hard she had to work to hold herself together. Thankfully she is managing her anxiety much better now. She is a truly wonderful and amazing girl.


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