Monday, October 10, 2016

Red Cone (LF)#246-hayfever

hayfever today
a morning east wind
then a north wind
tickles the nose
lots of sniffing

today I watched
Donald sniff his way
through the debate
funny that the hay fever
winds from here
reached him over there

or is there
another cause

apart from him being
a total

words fail me


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  2. yeah maybe
    its the revenge
    of Australia
    and its native flora
    but id like to think
    its because hes thinking
    or else hes thinking
    of the tragedy that
    will follow him
    when its probably
    since he boasts that
    he never smokes or drinks
    just an ugly
    wet and wrecked
    cocaine nose

  3. oh yes, continue to make us laugh! so healthy!

  4. bound to be the rye grass on Don's schnozz!


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