Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rob Schackne #102 - It Slides Down Into The Heart

It Slides Down Into The Heart                              
          'devers la teste sur le quer li descent'

                      for Jack Picone

But so when did war first start
vexing moment a ripping point
deux trous rouges au côté droit
was it ten thousand years before
the shouting became the killing
deux trous rouges au côté droit
the deliberate blood repeating
an anguish till the end of time
deux trous rouges au côté droit
is this our sum of being human
running fast from village wells
deux trous rouges au côté droit
from the soldiers of sharp death
while the ditches filled with rain?


  1. Yes ... Nature berce-les chaudement! (Coz human arms won't alas... so depressing sometimes to stay aware of this endless wars (which are also inside ourselves) and yet we have to stand up and write and act and testify and ...

    1. Encouraging words, Béatrice, thank you.

  2. Brilliant and powerful Rob. It resonates with me. I spent over a decade going from one war/conflict zone to another. I always carried with me the thought that nothing was more important than giving a voice and making visible those who had become voiceless and invisible. In the end, I became disillusioned because war seems to be never ending. Same stupid play, different theater and new cast.


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