Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rob Schackne #106 - At Some Point During The Night

At Some Point During The Night

I wonder whether every sip takes and gives
away something that’s never coming back
The illusionist so expert at indirecting
the familiar from other matters nods wisely
then pours another one. Hardly knowing why
We barely know enough to quit. Though it’s true
that visions can read the first chapters of the mind
But wear and tear affects the world. Snake laughs
and gives my skin to a pretty Muse who sits
with her long legs draped over the barstool
sipping a wet martini. Her blouse is open
She gazes. She grins. Pokes out her tongue
Wants me to sit down. She buys the drinks
Keeps smiling. Not sure about this summation
or whether it’s much of a guide to being normal.


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