Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rob Schackne #109, Terry & Jill (2)


His head did not overlord his body.

What looked like his head was in fact distributed everywhere.

I mean of course his brain, his bread-basket, was also in his feet and it also stretched along his tail.

I don’t want to keep you from more important things to do. Re-loading a grenade-launcher is OK if you have to, but surely you’ve got something else that’s more...satisfying?

They managed to stop their fire.

He let himself be cornered again. Curious again. He kept talking.

You see on the one hand the need for the essentials that keep you alive and thriving. On the other hand, you know there is the balance, getting your shit together to work out how you use those essentials.

But looking around, I see very little real progress. We all sensed that mankind would be coming someday, but nobody thought that it would ever look this bad...

Terry took another round of fire after that.


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