Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #269 they're escaping (after MC #275)

my books have gone awry
they are escaping and I'm chasing, but 
there's one I just can’t catch

Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber
is fleet, a sprinter

jumps out of my bag
does a runner
doesn't look back

all the rest are lying sideways
or are upside down
they’re disorderly

how I like them


  1. ditto, and TBC is one of my favourite books, ever.

  2. Oh Efi mine too. And it is my most pinched book. It never comes back. I have bought it so many times.

  3. Dear Sarah, I see my Borges on your shelf. I was wondering where it had gotten to. I'd like it back please!

  4. I like it. I'll translate it when I'm not busy.:)


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