Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #283 the knife shadow - night terror 3

the shadow on the window above me
is metal, a fist
cold, a knife
the silhouette a threat that will kill, will
noir, no not noir, this dream is real
for sure, it will kill, kill me, kill
a promise it will, I stand, stutter, steady
as they sleep, dream

I will fight, fight


  1. Yes, Sarah. Fight to survive. Always.

  2. I think our dreams even nightmares send us reassurance sometimes, that you can fight, whatever it is. And one of the characteristics of a night terror is that you believe completely it is real.

  3. Don't you think, also, that sometimes very ordinary things, like the windowsill, become terrifying, take on aspects in the night life they do not in the day?


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