Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #292 feminist heaven

DP 292 feminist heaven

what does it look like
and who can get in?
critical questions for
a feminist heaven

who will be the doorkeeper?
more likely Cerberus
Isis Oya Kuan Yin
than old St Peter

it will have trees birds
running water   there will be
no fear of footsteps behind
even in the darkest places

cafes and shops will be open
to companion animals
familiars dog friends
all creatures great and small

a feminist heaven
won't be a dull place
we will argue and challenge
take one another seriously

there will be poetry music
and the most fantastic art
sportswomen will do their best
jump high run and swim

nights at the theatre
days of acrobatics and song
the best books will be in
the free library


  1. Right on! I love the ideas behind this poem.

  2. I especially love the free library... for the wonderful books you've published over the years

  3. I think it's manifesto season
    ... and we definitely need a manifesto section in the anthology!

  4. Terrific poem and a great place/space - both safe and creative.

  5. I want a ticket there! On Red Cone's train towards change! Get me there! :-)


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