Monday, September 11, 2017

Kit Kelen #618 - what a world we lived into

what a world we lived into

greed and power
and someone said
young firm flesh

doesn’t matter what fantasy brought us

it’s every kind of weather at once
and there were pictures to prove

I had my back into all of this then
of course you can blame me

I have to be one of the ones

we’ve lived till now
and what a world

towers, palaces of cash
everyone everywhere armed to the teeth
always a quid in that

you won’t see the brink
just standing there

burn more
build more
foul the big nest

it crept up snakily
crashed through the wall
of where we were
that’s the now

someone coughed
someone else farted
heads rolled all the way to here

it’s every terror reigns from the sky
not here though
what we call terror must be aimed at us
we’re the only ones alive

the other ones are pictures
children, all innocence
bombed into the past

we see light from an ancient star

it’s the world goes off like a two-bob watch
we could be proverbial some day
doubt it ...

the ugly-minded rule like emperors
make instincts base to sell

what a world!
trust me
I wouldn’t lie

could kindness count?
could ingenuity?

war anywhere but where we are
that’s the white man’s way

and how did we get here?
we were sleeping till now

they’ll never take offence at that
but see where the fire got away?

wherever we’ve come from can’t matter now
but it’s who are
will be

all of the secrets till now vanished
it’s all of us off of the deep end now

not until this last sun rose
could we tune in
know what we were up for

soon we’ll be swimming in it

it was all a big secret till now

it’s like hide n seek
and here we come
ready or not
on your marks

once someone thought
to salute the sun
and I still do today

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  1. a dozen yesses
    not a no in sight
    what a terrific poem


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