Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #620 - there was an hour

there was an hour

I couldn’t get out of

it was one of those days
where you’re stuck

there was a sun here and there dead still
there were clouds you could call by name

I must have come to the top of the clock
a wink and a blink and begin again
was it that way?
are you remembering now?

it was all afternoon that hour

all kinds of creatures wanted in

the music of it
a forest lost
and we were on the trail

here I was
stood in it
and all as wished

truth came purring
and wanted a rub

the news was from
and for all ages

there was construction
we could build things in

the hour was strewn with monuments
to every hour before

so many comings and goings
but I was unaligned

the pond was all reflection
and traffic of the air

first light
so like the last
here where there is time

I could incline my head to rest
well within my rights

I had a shake and stretch
then stillness

nothing happened then

I suppose you’ve heard of the blink of an eye
that’s where I was

life flashed before
an inkling of

it was if the hour had gone

yet I knew I was still here
and what for

now and then
I’d catch fire
do deals
and showers would come

yum cha!

messages came from further
and from further out

every kind of terrain
you imagine!
one could have done with a four wheel clock

there might have been the season summoned
we never had known before

the second hand groaned
like an earthquake warning

you know at a moment like this
what’s to come is
only a matter of time


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  2. there was an hour
    I couldn't get out of...
    I left the second I could

  3. run from that hour run it can't catch you you know


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