Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kristen de Kline #146 Roxanne

walk the streets
for money
you love that song
you say:
it was a shitload
this time
my heart rate dropped
back in bloody ICU

cocktails in roof-top bars
you’re going to wear that sexy black dress
crash at the Crown Casino
I'll bleach back my hair
girls night out,   hit
the streets,   singing
Roxanne   don't care
if it's right or wrong
don't   care

text me visiting hours
you sound drowsy
Fitzroy? Richmond?
you say:
it was a shitload
this time
you say:
I wish
I hadn’t made it
next time
I'll do it right
next   time


  1. Subject matter is love, not drugs. What a fine poem, dear Kristen!

    Funny that my Powderfinger poem had been burning my fingers for the last couple days.

    1. Thanks Rob :)) Love your Powderfinger poem - a slow burn alright & it's got me thrashing Neil Young again.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks James - hopefully there'll be more in this sequence :))


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