Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kit Kelen #327 - urgency


I am being continually reminded
of my insignificance
how little difference it is that I make

one cannot help but notice this

I make the poem every morning though

it's not work so much
though the futility of labour
is more and more to the fore
of my thinking
if you can call it that

isn't there less point to it, to things, each day?
the thinking, the gone-through motions, the pay

is anyone really smaller than me?
I'd like to give them a piece of my mind

I am continually being reminded
of my unimportance
something the record likely won't show

it's not that they mean to rub it in
they merely handle the facts of the matter
here's how the 'real world' is
suck it up
the Americans say

in general
or at least for the sake of argument
the others are blameless

now and then, myself, I decide to speak
if only because my silence
will be even less telling

I have a garden I let grow
where every season's apt to show
something unexpected

I am being continually reminded
of my ignorance
the all-there's-to-know is ever expanding
like the universe itself
moment by moment there's more

this pin-head on the other hand
is the site of endless deletion
don't even know what I knew just before

and for instance not the slightest clue
what is it I'm here for

but urgency has a sense of us
the way a dog smells fear
(that's folklore)

all of these problems God doesn't have

and yet I go on making this little world
this one here
in which
be my guest

so little time
is left 


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  1. A true poem and one that speaks so simply and clearly. Thanks for this one, Kit. I particularly loved the line, 'all these problems God doesn't have' ...


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