Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kristen de Kline #30 - the day the earth cracked

Aotearoa, November 2016

the day the earth
fault lines on a rolling green
a wall of water heading downstream
the house felt jellylike
have you got power?

land slips
rocks fall

well this isn't what it looked like before
it kept shaking and shaking
felt like boggy boarding on a rough sea
a single object moved in the room
an antique clock that doesn't work anymore
I swear I could hear it ticking
and noise, like the cat having a good scratch,
then it got rougher
the noise changed
deeper, harder

only signs I saw of the quake were three crooked pictures
a willow pattern saucer
on a slight angle,

the sky went blue as it hit
the light shade above my bed
like a hanged man


  1. Very visual, what an experience. I hope the aftershocks aren't too bad.

  2. Hi Susan, apparently the aftershocks have been coming at an alarming rate & there's still fears of another huge quake in 30 days. Some of these lines were from my friend's FB feeds - mainly Wellington friends.


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