Sunday, November 6, 2016

Richard Tipping - Everlasting Stone #2 - Moonday

Moonday, 1977.  Angaston marble, engraved text. Dimensions 95.0 x 45.5 x 6.5 -16.5 cm. Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. Purchased 1984. Stone mason John Glasson. Moonday was included in my first solo exhibition The Everlasting Stone at the Adelaide Festival Centre Gallery in 1978. 
"In Adelaide, where I was living when it was made, the moon rises from behind the Mount Lofty Ranges and sits huge and smouldering orange for a while on their shoulder of blue. It’s as if the O has doubled, squeezing up and out of the word – the word left as a horizon, a line of hills.” From printed notes on works included with the folio The Sydney Morning II, Thorny Devil Press, 1991, edition of 50. 


  1. O Monday
    you big mistake
    the same as yesterday

  2. Oh! Richard I didn't realise it was you! So familiar with your sculpture work from sxs but I didn't know you were also a poet. Welcome to 366 - perhaps we should have a lapel badge so we can recognise each other when we meet in the real world! Mikaela

    1. Good idea - beyond the Secret Seven, the 366ers

  3. always love your concretes...!


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