Friday, November 11, 2016

Richard Tipping - Everlasting Stone #7 - Spaceport

Spaceport, 1990. Black granite, engraved, finished with goldleaf, on a granite base. Dimensions (guessing): Height 30 cm x Width 36 x Depth 18 cm. Collection of the Gold Coast Art Gallery, gift of Pat Corrigan.

From a series made in the early 1990s using scraps of granite sheet. Spaceport imagines the coastal strip along Queensland with its perfect beaches and oggling towns, each with 'views for sale'. This may be a kind of map. The only view now is black and gold. My technique was to letter up the granite myself, putting on professional-grade tape and then gluing on a print-out ready to hand-cut, exposing the letters. Then order 'sand blasting' by a stone mason (using special equipment with zircon, not sand) , and finish with gold leaf.

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