Friday, November 4, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #295 Saying Goodnight

it can be a shout
depends if we are
one up one down
or over there away
cupping an ear
the call may rise high
What, what?
Oh Goodnight –

or we cast from the other room
Sleep Tight
God Bless
every night
Sleep Well
I hope for you

last night as I held your tooth brush
held your cup
I said, We could be camping

a starlit firelit night rose
the galaxy aswirl above
we could be brushing our teeth by a lantern
I would hold that for you too,
I said,
and you liked it, glancing up

I make sure that you aren’t tucked
as you don’t like that
never have never have
I say Goodnight and leave
in the echo of all our Goodnights

at home it’s a sleeping murmur
half remembered thing
a dream
Good Night
I love you


  1. Read this waiting to go into the centre this morning Sarah - it brought me to tears. So lovely and loving.

  2. I only just saw this; incredibly lovely.


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