Saturday, November 5, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #309 Euterpe in the fifth dimension (thanks RS)

Euterpe is in heaven
the fifth dimension where
beyond human perception
plays the music of the spheres
music from every time
and every place

Euterpe is well-schooled
in these matters
she is the muse of music
music creates pleasure
which in turns leads
us to dance

some think Euterpe
is connected to asteroid
27 Euterpe one of the
brightest asteroids
in the solar system

gave Euterpe the number
eight that coiling infinity
ogdoad like a dancer
endlessly spinning
to the sound of
the double flute

are divided some
think Euterpe might
be responsible for dark
matter but some things
are unaccountable


  1. I love this. The dance is felt right through the poem.

  2. Sue, that is so beautiful. The double flute plays the one song in two places...


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