Saturday, November 5, 2016

Timothy Edmond #5

They are trying to keep
me alive.
I suspect for
their own good.

The plastic flowers
are still on
the dash board.

The one act
that instructs
my life
was my brother
peeling an orange
with his bare
hands in a
moving car.

I can say too
much in an attempt
to over whelm
the situation
when saying
nothing would

A friend’s father
said, “If you say
nothing people
assume you are

 A friend’s father
 said, “Never trust
a man who
doesn’t wear
a belt”.

Everything is
being degraded
so someone can
make some money.


  1. I really like this. It works from its plastic flowers to its orange peel to its beltless pants :) Intriguing beginning. So true ending.

  2. Dear Tim, There is a wonderful balance in that tension, which is bouncing around there with a blade.


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