Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bronwyn Rodden #11 Journey to Ink

1.    Western Night Comets Monotype diptych on paper 2012

For a while I lived in the country when I studied Agriculture. I never wanted to be a farmer (or marry one, which is what was expected of female students then) but was interested in plants, so thought this course might help, and it got me out of the city for a bit. The world of rural Australia was very interesting, and I was surprised at how such different lives exist in the same continent. But I was fascinated by the landscapes out there.
I learned printmaking mostly through my friend and colleague, Janet Reinhardt, who is a fellow artist/writer. I enjoy the kind of printmaking that is not too predictable, and this is a pair of monotypes I created with the kind of dark nights in mind from my time out west, especially when doing some practical roustabouting on farms. It is always surprising how many ‘falling stars’ you see when you are away from cities, and I couldn’t resist creating an echo in these for fun.

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