Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 106 Old Mate

Old Mate

I saw Shyla and Plop down the street
they looked the usual
a face like the dog after you find the shit behind the lounge
and her just evil
actually evil
 tight arse  in a catsuit thing
and I saw her eyeliner from here to the hot bread shop

for fuck’s sake who notices eyeliner tell you
 that’s how thick it’s on
psychopathic glare she’s got
I don’t care if she takes it
sideways she can fuck off looking at me
like that

not my business
who would want her I mean

someone was in for skinning I’d say
Plop looked like she was gunna make him
smash someone’s head in
like it or not

She’s a thing

Her kid she
left it with Iris months ago
Yes I know that for a fact
I saw it down the sports carnival
don’t have ‘em if you can’t look after’em
I told all my girls that

where did I see them?
down near Aldi yeah,
Plop looks huge
you could still catch him
if you go now
tell him
I said Hi.

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