Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 109 Doze


Waking dreams -  in and out - weaving up the orangatang using nail clippers
by the tv watching game shows - I say where is the sugar bowl - he rises
unfolding origami fur and sinew- lopes hand over hand vertical fan blade to fan blade above the wilderness of the dining table to the kitchen and returns, plunks it down plop plink goes back to the manicure and Family Feud settling the Chihuahua in his lap.

Later at bedtime I will have to pull his fat red lips - like toilet plungers - stuck on the back of the little dog’s head-  there where they have fallen asleep; a circus act of nursing and comfort in this small domestic ring. When woken, I can never recall what the ape is wearing.

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