Saturday, March 4, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 197 - Unwaxed Petals

Unwaxed Petals

can I have my pubes back now    is the time when my muff
had to imitate a twelve year old girl    passed into
history   can I say erk  and
move past the feeling of betrayal

each time my pants slide towards my knees 

can I stop tearing
the light pearl hair bulbs whole
from my softest skin    to please  an unmet
partner    can I imagine the colour of what hair

there ought be    to be
high times   the honey dish  my sliding pelvis frames  such
perfidy   one hung head  not glancing low for insight on the action no
but sinking with a loss

come seek me in the suburbs
in my natal home
rummage in the shrubs

rip the diff out on the rockery
no more

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  1. Ah. Dear Kerri, what a shave of a poem and then a fine wild one.


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